In 1878 Jacob Ellmoos came to Australia from the Village of Holstrup, Denmark . Jacob then a seaman left his ship at Port Adelaide and walked overland to Sydney from where he acquired a boat in which he sailed south, fishing as he went. From his base at Cape St. George lighthouse Jacob explored the local area and on an excursion crossed the bar at the entrance to Sussex Inlet finding a rare combination of good fishing grounds and natural unspoiled beauty. Impressed with the area Jacob selected and was granted 100 acres of land on northern bank of the Inlet, this marked the beginning of an unbroken family association with the area that continues to the present day. Jacob relayed his enthusiasm to his family in Denmark and by 1886 all family members had arrived at Sussex Inlet included his parents Christian and Louise and the children Niels, Christian Junior, Marie, Wilhelmina, Louise, Anna, Lorenz and Thomas.